White Egret Magnesium Spray for Sensitive Skin — 8 fl oz


Comprar White Egret Magnesium Spray for Sensitive Skin — 8 fl oz

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White Egret Magnesium Spray for Sensitive Skin Description

  • Sensitive Skin
  • Soothes & Hydrates Skin
  • Relaxing & Nourishing
  • Over 72 Ionic Sea Minerals
  • GMO Free
  • Made in The USA

White Egret’s Magnesium Oil is harvested through Solar Evaporation from Utah’s ancient inland sea, the Great Salt Lake, which is naturally high in Ionic Magnesium Oil Sensitive Skin is a more mild magnesium spray for those with sensitive skin, including children. White Egret’s Magnesium Oil leaves less residue and contains no heavy metals. This product also includes 72 ionic sea minerals in a completely natural, balanced solution.

Apply directly to desired area of the skin for best results. If desired, rinse well after 20-30 minutes and moisturize with White Egret’s Hyaluronic Acid Day Serum.

Additional Application Method: Foot Soak – Add 1-2 oz of Magnesium Oil to your daily foot soak and soak feet for 20 minutes.

Free Of

Artificial colors or scents, known allergens, gltuen.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 8 fl oz
Servings per Container: 0

Other Ingredients: Concentrated inland seawater. Does not contain oil.


Do Not Spray in Eyes. Avoid contact on other sensitive areas. During the first several applications, it is normal for some individuals to feel a light tingling sensation on the skin. However, if skim irritation occurs or continues, discontinue use immediately. As the product dries on your skin, you may notice a mineral residue resembling salt. This is normal. Simply wipe off residue with a damp washcloth or rinse off in the shower.