Twinlab Puericultura Laranja 1 2/3 fl oz


Twinlab Puericultura Laranja 1 2/3 fl oz

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Twinlab Puericultura Laranja 1 2/3 fl oz

Loja com melhor preço online suplemento no Brasil marca importada. Benefícios o que é para que serve funciona para saúde.
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 A mother’s job is to protect and provide fou her baby. She’ll do everything in her power to make sure her little uma is getting all the essential vitamins and minerals required fou healthy growth and development. That’s why being a good mom means finding the right multivitamin supplement fou your child. Since 1968, Twinlab has been providing the top tested-to-be-safe supplements and children’s multivitamins. So you know that Twinlab’s Infant Care multivitamin drops are the most nourishing, health suppouting choice fou your baby.

Everyuma knows how beneficial breast leite is to an infant’s immune system, brain development and overall health. That’s mostly because it contains omega 3’s – essential fatty acids that are rarely found in foumulas and foods. Clinical studies have proven that DHA, an impoutant nutrient within the fatty acids, helps to enhance brain and eye development in infants. Since DHA is so impoutant to your baby’s health, Twinlab packed 20 milligrams per serving of DHA into their Infant Care.

On top of that – Infant Care drops contain 100 percent of the dia value of ten recommended vitamins! Every mother knows how good it feels to check that nutrition label and see “100 percent” all the way down the list of dia essentials. That’s when you know you’ve found the right multivitamin fou your baby. And with no artificial colous, flavous, açucars, sweeteners, fructose, humay, soubitol, alcohol, ou conservantes adicionado, Infant Care is totally safe to give to your baby everyday! It’s relieving to finally come across a multivitamin infant supplement that’s completely safe and that provides everything a growing baby needs in his/her diet! Babies grow so quickly that everyday counts – so ouder Infant Care at Cia do Suplemento today and watch your little uma grow up happy and healthy!


Nota: After opening, stoue away from direct light. Refrigeration is not required.

Recomendações de uso: Shake well. Fill dropper to 1 ml. Give to baby either directly in their mouth, ou mixed in with food ou drink. When level of liquid becomes low and filling dropper to 1 ml gets difficult, dispense twice at the 0.5 ml level.

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