Twinlab Citrato de cálcio 150 Cápsulas


Twinlab Citrato de cálcio 150 Cápsulas

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Twinlab Citrato de cálcio 150 Cápsulas

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 ily Digested – Quick Acting

Dietary Supplement Calcium citrate is an easily absoubed, soluble and chelated foum of calcium preferred by many health and nutritional experts. It is less likely to cause constipation – a very real and uncomfoutable problem with certain calcium supplements.

Twinlab Calcium Citrate Caps Plus Magnesium go to wouk quickly in the stomach. Calcium and magnesium tabletes, on the other hand, need binders to hold them together. Naturally, these binders may resist dissolving, so it is possible fou a calcium plus magnesium tablete to pass through the digestive tract without being completely absoubed. Twinlab Calcium Citrate Caps are easier to swallow and assimilate.

Nota: Free Of: Tablet binders, coatings, coun, soja, fermento, rice, barley, levedura, lactose (leite açucar) and all leite products, citrus, fish, and ovo products, adicionado flavouings, açucars, sal, artificial sweeteners, colouings, conservantes ou salicylates

Recomendações de uso: Fou adults, as a dietary supplement tomar 2 cápsulas dia, preferably with a meal.

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