Reboost Cough Relief Syrup – 4.23 Oz


Reboost Cough Relief Syrup – 4.23 Oz

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Homeopathic. With natural ingredients (Contains 4 natural active ingredients [of 6 actives, see Drug Facts]). Cough relief. Relieves: chest congestion; cough. Previously sold as Nectadyn. Does not contain ingredients known to cause drowsiness. No artificial flavors. Email info at heelusa.com. Heel Believes That: Relief doesn’t need to come with frequent side effects which can be bothersome or even serious. The healthy way to feel better is to strengthen your body’s own natural defenses. Heel uses ingredients found in the natural world, so you can feel better about feeling better. Health from nature. (These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. They are supported by traditional homeopathic principles). Made in Belgium.
Ingredients : Active Ingredients: Each 5 ml Contains: Antimonium Tartaricum 6X, Cuprum Sulphuricum 6X, Dorsera Rotundifolia 4X, Ipecacuanha 4X, Rumex Crispus 4X, Spongia Tosta 8X. Purpose: Relieves Chest Congestion; Relieves Cough; Relieves Cough, Natural Ingredients; Relieves Cough, Natural Ingredients; Relieves Cough, Natural Ingredients; Relieves Cough, Natural Ingredients. Inactive Ingredients: Purified Water, Honey, Preserved Water and Simple Syrup.
Country of origin : USA
Size : 4.23 FZ
Pack of : 1

Product Selling Unit : each

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