Rebel Green, Limpador de Frutas e Vegetais, Natural, 34 fl oz (1005 ml)


Rebel Green, Limpador de Frutas e Vegetais, Natural, 34 fl oz (1005 ml)

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Rebel Green, Limpador de Frutas e Vegetais, Natural, 34 fl oz (1005 ml)

Loja com melhor preço online suplemento no Brasil marca importada. Benefícios o que é para que serve funciona para saúde.

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  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Kosher Certified
  • Great for Juicing!

Rinses clean and is proven to remove surface pesticides waxes and chemicals

Responsibly Made

Rebel Green products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. Our Fruit and Veggie Clean is biodegradable. Rebel Green is committed to do what’s right for your family and the planet. This container is Bisphenol-A free and is comprised of 25% recycled plastic. We ask that you please recycle it when you are completely done with it.

Rebel Green is Always Chlorine and Alcohol Free

You know you’re going to have to eat your fruits and veggies for your health. Research shows that the beautifully innocent looking peach in your cart may have been sprayed with pesticides, waxes, or chemicals at some time during crop production. These pesky substances are designed for the very purpose of resisting insects and rain. A gentle rinse with water from your kitchen tap is unlikely to power through that stuff. And don’t even think about using that petroleum based dish soap to clean your produce. Nature isn’t always the cleanest place so even if that fruit is organic, it is still vulnerable to drift spray, people-handling residues and just plain dirt. Yuck! The moms at Rebel Green have brought you Fruit and Veggie Clean to remove these uninvited residues. This formula has been proven to safely and gently remove significant amounts of surface pesticides, waxes, and oils. Rebel Green Fruit & Veggie Clean will rinse easily without any aftertaste. Plus, clean food just tastes better.

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Tips & Tricks

For Just a Single Fruit or Veggie: Just 2 or 3 sprays of Fruit and Veggie Clean with a gentle 30 second rub and a thorough rinse with tap water will do the trick. Use any temperature that your little heart desires. For A Whole Big Bunch: A little goes a long way. Pour 4 tablespoons of Fruit & Veggie Clean per pound of fresh produce into a bowl. Let the produce soak for a few minutes, take a look at that dirty residue left behind, let out a loud "ick", rinse thoroughly, and thank your lucky stars you had the good sense to properly wash your produce without harsh chlorine or alcohol.

If you spy an overwaxed piece of produce or if it looks more like dirt than a delicious fruit or veggie, you know you are up for a challenge! On rare occasion, you may need a little extra support. Grab a Rebel Green Fruit and Veggie Clean produce scrubber and say au revoir to the yuck that didn’t end up on your plate.

Outros Ingredientes

Água purificada, surfactante de limpeza natural (derivado da planta), ácido láctico, extrato de semente de toranja, * extrato de limão orgânico, * extrato de limão orgânico. * Certificado pela QCS (Quality Certification Services). Todos os Ingredientes são Certified Gluten Free e Non-OGM.


Caution: Although Rebel Green Fruit & Veggie Clean is safe and non-toxic, use this product only as intended. This product has not been tested on other foods. Please limit its use to produce. With proper use, this product has been shown to wash away significant amounts of surface pesticides, waxes, and oils commonly found on grocery produce but please follow any local and federal warnings and recommendations regarding your produce.

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