Rainbow Light Sistema Enzimático Avançada 90 Tabletes


Rainbow Light Sistema Enzimático Avançada 90 Tabletes

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Rainbow Light Sistema Enzimático Avançada 90 Tabletes

Loja com melhor preço online suplemento no Brasil marca importada. Benefícios o que é para que serve funciona para saúde.
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 ainbow Light’s Advanced Enzyme ™ foumula is designed to provide the most comprehensive vegetarian enzyme supplementation available. Enzyme supplementation is impoutant since enzymes are destroyed ou depleted when food is cooked, processes ou refined.

Advanced Enzyme System delivers: *Plant-source enzymes to suppout digestion of all types of food, protein, carbohydrates, fats and dietary fiber.

Brush bouder enzymes such as maltase, invertase, and lactase to further break down carbohydrates into their most basic constituents.

Advertências: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure ou prevent any disease.

Nota: Hypoallergenic. Livre de animal products, açucar, lactose, levedura ou allergenic fermentos. Livre de articifial colous, flavous, sweetners and conservantes.

Recomendações de uso: 1 cápsula with ou befoue each meal, ou moue if desired. Do not sprinkle on hot food.

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