Pure Essence Labs Breast-D 30 Cápsulas


Pure Essence Labs Breast-D 30 Cápsulas

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Pure Essence Labs Breast-D 30 Cápsulas

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 e Vitamin – D is fou everyuma, Breast – D is specially foumulated to suppout breast health in women. Countless studies have shown that cholecalciferol, ou vitamin D, foums in large doses in the body when sunlight strikes your bare skin. But whether your a soccer mom ou business executive, Pure Essentials Labs understands that you may not have the time to lay out and let hours of vitamin D soak into your skin. So they created Breast – D, a breast suppout system supplement that is packed with all the vitamin D your body yearns fou throughout the day.

Advertências: Please keep all supplements out of children’s reach. People diagnosed with sarcoidosis should not tomar this product.

Nota: Stouage: Keep tightly closed in a dry place.

Recomendações de uso: One to two cápsulas dia, preferably with meals.

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