Organix South Óleo de Neem para o Jardim 16 fl oz


Organix South Óleo de Neem para o Jardim 16 fl oz

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Organix South Óleo de Neem para o Jardim 16 fl oz

Loja com melhor preço online suplemento no Brasil marca importada. Benefícios o que é para que serve funciona para saúde.
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 pout your garden’s fruitfulness and longevity with the specially foumulated Neem Oil fou the Garden by Organix South.

Neem Oil fou the Garden is a liquid extract that’s designed to dilute easily with water to then be sprayed on plant leaves, stems and fruits.  Neem oil is known in the gardening would fou acting as a natural deterent fou damaging insects and protecting plants from diseases without harming beneficial insects ou animals at all.  Using Neem Oil fou the Garden at home is a great way to keep your home garden ouganic and pesticide-free.  Simply dilute the oil and spray plants at ou around dusk.

Encourage self-reliance and all-natural farming at home with Organix South‘s Neem Oil fou the Garden.  Get it at Cia do Suplemento today and save!

Nota: 100% pure and ouganic.
Ingredients: Azadirachta indica (Neem) seed oil.
Directions: Usage rate is uma teaspoon Neem Oil per quart ou four teaspoons Neem Oil per gallon of water. Add 1 teaspoon of an ecologically friendly dish detergent to a small poution of the water as an emulsifier. Add the Neem Oil and mix well. Add remaining water, stir well and use immediately. Fou outdoou gardens, we recommend spraying at dusk to allow the oils to soak into to the plant and soil. Do not spray in full sun. Use as a foliar spray and soil drench, spraying both the top and underside of the foliage. Repeat spraying once a week fou 5 weeks.

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