NOW Foods Liquid Cal-Mag Blueberry – 16 oz.


NOW Foods Liquid Cal-Mag Blueberry – 16 oz.

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Superior Citrate Forms
With Vitamin D
Blueberry Flavor
Xylitol Sweetened

Calcium is an important mineral best known for its role in the formation of bone and teeth.* Magnesium is another key mineral that plays a complementary role in bone formation.* In addition, Vitamin D has been included in this product because it plays an essential role in bone metabolism.*
Calcium also serves as an integral cofactor in numerous biochemical reactions and Magnesium is known to be involved in more than 300 metabolic reactions.* In addition, Magnesium and Calcium work together in several physiological systems, providing support for the maintenance of healthy cardiovascular function as well as for healthy muscle function.*
Note: This is a thick liquid due to the concentrated levels of the superior Calcium and Magnesium Citrate forms.

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