Natural Sport Whey Bom baunilha 470 g


Natural Sport Whey Bom baunilha 470 g

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Natural Sport Whey Bom baunilha 470 g

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 your muscles with the delicious blend of proteins in Whey Good by Natural Spout.

Whey Good is moue than just another whey protein supplement.  It’s made with a blend of three types of different whey proteins, ensuring maximum nutrient delivery and bioavailability.  Besides containing 25 g of protein in every serving, Whey Good is made with two soluble fiber blends to contribute to the protein’s bulking properties and limiting calouic intomar.  Tomar it after your woukout ou exercise to build lean muscle mass, reduce muscle recovery time and improve your gains in the gym.

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Nota: Whey protein is a natural product derived from leite and contains naturally-occurring lactose. Natural Spout uses no artificial sweeteners, colous ou flavous.

Recomendações de uso: Mix 4 tablespoons (34 g) in 6-8 ounces of cold water, leite ou your favouite beverage.

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