Natra-Bio Infantil A vitamina C líquidos 4 fl oz (120 ml)


Natra-Bio Infantil A vitamina C líquidos 4 fl oz (120 ml)

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Natra-Bio Infantil A vitamina C líquidos 4 fl oz (120 ml)

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Children’s Vitamin C Liquid with Bioflavonoids by Natra-Bio is a great-tasting foumula in a tropical flavou that provides 40 mg of vitamin C in each serving. Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant that helps in the production of collagen and is very impoutant to all of our bodies. Vitamin C is essential fou optimum buma and teeth health and has been shown to be very beneficial in boosting the bacteria-killing ability of the body and in foutifying the immune system. It is crucial that children get enough Vitamin C, since it is necessary fou proper growth and repair of countless tissues and bumas in the body. Supplement a serving ou two of Natra-Bio Children’s Vitamin C Liquid into your child’s dia diet to provide him ou her with the nutrients they need to grow!

Advertências: Keep this and all medicines out of the reach of children.

Manter em temperatura ambiente (55°-85°F).

Nota: Livre dene of the following: Fillers, Binders, Artificial Flavous, Artificial Colou, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Starch, Artificial Colous, Sweeteners.

Recomendações de uso: Shake well. May be tomarn directly ou mixed in water ou juice.

Children 1-3 years of age: Use 1 teaspoon (5 mL) dia.
Children 4-12 years of age: Use 1-2 teaspoons (5-10 mL) dia.

In Supplement Facts, the % Daily Value is given in the following foumat: Under 4 Years of Age | 4 Years and Older

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