Lakewood Organic Noni Juice – Pure – Superfruit – 12.5 Oz


Lakewood Organic Noni Juice – Pure – Superfruit – 12.5 Oz

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USDA organic product. Not from concentrate. Nature’s Super Fruits. No preservatives. No citric acid. No sodium benzoate. No potassium sorbate. Lakewood’s Organic Pure Noni Juice is 100% pure with no added water or flavors. Only Lakewood’s Noni Juice is fresh aged. The fresh fruit is selected when ripe and briefly aged to minimize oxidation and protect the vital nutrients and essential properties. Pure Noni is associated with a broad range of health benefits: strengthen immune system, anti-inflammatory benefits; maintain healthy cholesterol levels; aid the digestive process; support cardiovascular heath; balance blood sugar levels; maintain cellular health; rich in anti-oxidants; improve vitality; increase overall well-being. Natural source of Noni polysaccharides and glycosides. Contains 100% juice. Lakewood quality since 1935. We believe there is no equal. Gluten free. Casein free. GMO free. Certified organic fruit, grown and harvested in accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program (no synthetically compounded fertilizers, pesticides’ or growth regulators), All Lakewood juices are pressed, pasteurized and bottled in certified organic facilities. Certified organic by Quality Certification Services: Florida Organic Growers and Consumers.
Ingredients : Fresh Pressed Juice from Whole Ripe Certified Organic Noni Fruit (Morinda Citrifolia).
Organic : Yes
Gluten Free : Yes
Kosher : Yes
Size : 12.5 FZ
Pack of : 1

Product Selling Unit : each

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