Emerita OH! Aquecendo Lubrificante 2 fl oz


Comprar Emerita OH! Aquecendo Lubrificante 2 fl oz

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Emerita OH! Aquecendo Lubrificante 2 fl oz

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e up your sex life with Emerita’s OH! Warming Lubricant from Emerita to turn up the heat in your relationship.

OH! Warming Lubricant provides the same great results as Natural Lubricant with the extra benefit of a subtle warming sensation. When glycerin and cinnamon combine with your own natural moisture, the pleasant warming sensation is activated. Try rubbing a small amount on your wrist and blowing to understand how this little bottle can provide such a powerful reaction. 

Feel playful and confident with OH! Warming Lubricant from Emerita. Try it today at Cia do Suplemento and save big on this great product!


Ingredients: Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Cinnamomum cassia (Cinnamon) Bark Extract, Honey, Hydroxypropylcellulose and Lactic Acid.

Directions: Apply and rub or blow to start the warming sensation.

Notes: Contains no parabens, mineral oil, petroleum or animal products. Not tested on animals.

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