Eden Foods Quinoa Orgânica 16 oz


Comprar Eden Foods Quinoa Orgânica 16 oz

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Eden Foods Quinoa Orgânica 16 oz

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licious Organic Quinoa by Eden Foods to your diet for whole grain goodness without the problems caused by wheat and gluten.

Organic Quinoa cooks faster than most whole grains and is ready to eat in just 12 minutes. Unlike most cereal grains, quinoa provides a complete protein, including the amino acids lysine and threonine.

You’ll love Organic Quinoa by Eden Foods for its versatility, health benefits and great taste. Save big when you stock your pantry with this gluten free staple grain with an order today!

Notas: Contains no sodium, wheat or gluten. Macrobiotic, organic, non-GMO verified and certified kosher pareve.

Recomendações de uso: Use quinoa as you would rice. It’s delicious as a main grain dish, with beans, with vegetables, as a hearty hot cereal, in stuffing vegetables and in soups, stews, and salads. Quinoa can also be used in making a variety of delicious and nutritious desserts and puddings. Quinoa can be freshly ground into flour for many more uses. Place 3/4 cup of quinoa in a blender and grind three to five minutes until it becomes flour; equals 1 cup flour. Use to make delicious wheat and gluten free desserts, pastries and baked goods.

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