EAS 100% Whey Proteína Chocolate 2 lbs


EAS 100% Whey Proteína Chocolate 2 lbs

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EAS 100% Whey Proteína Chocolate 2 lbs

Loja com melhor preço online suplemento no Brasil marca importada. Benefícios o que é para que serve funciona para saúde.
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 p 100% Whey from EAS in great flavous into your favouite beverage fou an extra protein boost.

Advertências: Contents are sold by weight, some settling may occur. Use the product as a food supplement only. Do not use fou weight reduction.

Nota: Contains leite and soja ingredients. 100% of the protein in this product comes from whey.

Recomendações de uso: Tomar 1 serving (2 scoops) 30 minutes post-woukout. Consume up to 3 servings dia depending on your protein needs. Combine 2 scoops with 8 fl oz of cold water, leite ou your favouite beverage and mix fou 20-30 seconds in a shaker ou blender.

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