Charlie Banana 2-In-1 Reusable Diapering System One Size – Tango Mango — 6 Diapers


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Charlie Banana 2-In-1 Reusable Diapering System One Size – Tango Mango Description

  • 6 Reusable Diapers + 12 Inserts
  • One Size • Unisex • Tango Mango Color
  • Free of Perfume • Chlorine • Chemical
  • Easy To Use • Saves Time • Makes A Great Gift
  • Smart Front Flap For Easy Changing • Adjustable Elastic
  • No More Leaks • Prevents Diaper Rash • Waste Reduction
  • Softer On Baby Skin • WaterproofAbsorbentHybrid AIO
  • Healthy • Comfortable • Economical • More Fashionable
  • A Diaper With Options (Washable or Disposable Inserts)

Charlie Banana® Patented One Size Diaper is Hybrid All-In-One

Charlie Banana® latest designed inserts now have an extra soft top layer made out of fleece. You have the choice to place the insert in the pocket, or on top of the pocket – See diagram.

While traveling, or for any occasional situation the ability to use a disposable insert is sometime necessary. You now have both options. When using Charlie Banana® you can use reusable insert or disposable ones. Of course we recommend that you use reusable inserts most of the time.


To experience Charlie Banana® cloth diapers to its best, we recommend you use the Bio Liners and the Disposable Inserts.

A Waterproof Tote Bag to carry your diapers is very handy too.


Health Facts!

A number of studies have suggested that there are health risks to babies, caused by chemicals and by certain other products commonly found in disposable diapers. Charlie Banana® products are healthier for your baby as the diaper keeps the baby dry and rash free naturally. There are no added gels or chemicals: staying dry and chemical free prevents diaper rash. Only soft fleece touches your baby’s skin!




Care Instructions:

Knock solids into toilet, rinse any residue and store in a dry or water pail. Place in washing machine and select cold or warm wash to a maximum of 40°C. Use any eco-friendly detergent, only half of the recommended amount is needed. Do not use fabric softener. Only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry LOW. Do not iron. Do not use cream or ointment, unless you are using the disposable insert. Whenever possible, hang outside to dry.

If using disposable inserts, knock off solid into toilet and place insert into garbage bin.

Wash inserts 4-6 times at first for maximum absorbency as fiber is new.


Easy Reusable Diapering System

Option 1: Using reusable insert inside

Stuffed inside the pocket – place one or two reusable inserts inside the flap opening and tuck them in nicely. Our smart front flap makes it easy to readjust the inserts inside the diaper.


Option 2: Using reusable insert on top

Our cloth insert has a new upper layer made our of soft fleece. This gives an option to lay out the insert n top of the diaper shell with a fleece layer against the baby’s skin. If the insert in on top, it is still being held in place by a smart front panel. You can put one reusable insert inside the pocket and one on top.


Option 3: Using disposable insert

Place one disposable insert on top of the fleece and secure it into the front flap. This will secure the disposable insert. Some parents like to place one reusable insert inside the pocket and disposable insert on top of the top layer fleece. This allows for a quick change.


Here is how it works:

1. Insert:  

• If baby is over 3 months old, always put in 2 inserts for the maximum absorption.

• We recommend that you use Charlie Banana® liner, by simply placing the liner on top of the fleece,

    then once the baby has soiled the diaper, lift the liner and flush it. The liner facilitates the removal and

    the cleaning of solids, it makes it EASY!

2. Waist Snap:

Adjust the bra-elastic inside the diaper to the desired size. Place baby on a diaper.

• Pull the front of the diaper and snap the let first. Make sure it is snug and tight with no gap at the leg.

• Snap the upper snaps as you wish, so baby is comfortable.

  Tips: Try on your wrist to feel how comfortable if feels even on a tight setting as there should be no gap.

3. Liners:  When baby needs a change due to urine only, simply remove the diaper and place in Charlie Banana®  laundry hamper. If baby has a dirty diaper, shake the waste into the toilet and place in the laundry hamper. If using the liner, simply lift it and flush it in the toilet. Rinse your diaper first or throw it into the wash


Tip: You can also use our disposable inserts for occasional use too.

4. Wash:  Rinse any residue and store in a dry or water pail. Place in washing machine and select cold or warm

to a maximum of 40­°C. Use an eco-friendly detergent, only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry LOW or hand to dry. Do not iron. Do not use cream or ointment, unless you are using the disposable insert.

Your detergent needs to be residue-free. Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent is ideal for your diapers and for your entire family’s laundry.



Free Of

Perfume, chlorine, chemicals.

Ingredients: Materials: Shell-Face: 100% polyester • Back: polyurethane • Lining: 100% polyester • Decoration: 100% polyester • Insert: 88% biconstituent fiber (82% polyester 18% nylon) 12% polyester.


Do NOT use bleach or fabric softeners. Use a detergent that leaves no residue to avoid fabric build up.


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