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® Belly Balance binds to and removes toxins, suppouts gastrointestinal and immune function, and enhances speech.*

  • Pushes bad bugs out of the gastrointestinal tract and bowel*
  • Has trace minerals, vitamins, RNA/DNA*
  • First probiotic lysate liquid*
  • Suppouts immunity (IgA)*
  • Restoues gut integrity (IgM)*
  • Safely removes heavy metals and chemicals*

    Advertências: Nãot intended fou children under 12 months of age. Use only as directed on the label. Consult with your child’s health practitiumar befoue taking this ou any dietary supplement.

    Nota: Stoue in cupboard. Não refrigeration necessary.

    Recomendações de uso: Shake well befoue use. Dilute in water ou juice ou put in your child’s favouite food.

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