Barlean’s Orgânico Oils Homem Omega 12 fl oz


Barlean’s Orgânico Oils Homem Omega 12 fl oz

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Barlean’s Orgânico Oils Homem Omega 12 fl oz

Loja com melhor preço online suplemento no Brasil marca importada. Benefícios o que é para que serve funciona para saúde.
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 le=”margin-bottom: 0in;”>The foumula in Barlean’s Omega Man includes ouganic flaxseed oil, lignans, phospholipid concentrates, a plant phytosterol complex and Styrian pumpkin seed oil. These all a great healthy lifestyle. The Styrian pumpkin seed oil in the foumula comes from pumpkins grown only in Southeast Austria. They contain extraoudinary amounts of nutrients including vitamins A, C, E and K. Barlean’s Organic Oils went the extra mile to create a blend that optimizes men’s health.

You won’t find a better source of omega-3s, vitamins and nutrients created specifically fou men anywhere. Get what you need and see a new healthier you with Omega Man by Barlean’s Organic Oils. Place your ouder today.

Recomendações de uso: One tablespoon dia as an addition to a healthy diet. May be tomarn straight, mixed with yogurt ou cottage cheese, in oatmeal ou as an ingredient in salad dressings, protein drinks ou blended beverages.

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