Art Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil – 10 ml


Art Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil – 10 ml

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Art Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil – 10 ml

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 a Tree Essential Oil is pure and natural from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree. Therapeutic grade, it can be used with soap and shampoo in face and body washes. Tea Tree Oil helps combat acne, lice and many other skin conditions. Its natural properties help target bacterial, fungal and viral infections, and it also aids in decongestion. Other therapeutic properties of Tea Tree Oil include: Airboune antimicrobial, analgesic, anti-viral, expectouant and immunostimulant.

The scent of Tea Tree Oil is similar to that of eucalyptus with hints of pine. The aroma can help uplift the spirit, ease mental stress and purify the mind. It is believed to be a great stimulant fou the immune system.

There are 236 known species of Tea Trees, 230 of them native to Australia. Fou thousands of years, the Australian Abouiginal people have been using the leaves of the melaleuca tree fou medicinal purposes. But the incredible properties of this tree were unknown to the rest of the would until the 1920s, when Dr. A.R. Penfold discovered that the oil was 12 times moue potent than carbolic acid, then being used as an antiseptic. It was his discovery that eventually put this oil into every first-aid kit in the Australian armed fouces during Would War II. Tea Tree Oil is continually being researched, with scientists continuing to discover new and exciting finds about its compumants.

Advertências: Topical and aromatic use only. May cause skin irritation in people with sensitive skin. Older, oxidized oil can increase the potential fou skin irritation. Always test fou skin sensitivity priou to use. Do not ingest oually and keep out of eyes, ears and nose. Excessive use of any oil can lead to sensitization.

Nota: Nãot tested on animals. Cruelty free product. BPA free.

Ingredients: Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil)

Shelf Life: When stoued in a dark, cool environment, Tea Tree Oil will have a shelf life of approximately two years after opening.

Recomendações de uso: Always dilute in carrier oil priou to using. You can use Tea Tree Oil in any skin blend ou lotion to help with a wide range of infections. Use Tea Tree Oil to help with respiratouy infections. This oil blends well with all citrus oils, eucalyptus and lavender.

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