Thermacare Muscle and Joint Heat Wraps – 3 Heat Wraps


Thermacare Muscle and Joint Heat Wraps – 3 Heat Wraps

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Thermacare Muscle and Joint Heat Wraps – 3 Heat Wraps

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  Muscle and Joint Heat Wraps from Thermacare up to 8 hours of heat and is offered in 1,3 and 4 count options.

Advertências: Do not use on the face/head, breasts, fingers, groin, feet ou toes. On the back of the knee ou inside the bend of the arm ou underarm. If heat cell contents leak and.ou wrap is damages ou toun. Fou moue than 8 hours in a 24-hour period. With pain rubs, medicated lotions, creams ou ointments. On unhealthy, damaged ou broken skin. On areas of bruising ou swelling that have occurred within 48 hours. On areas of the body where you can’t feel heat. With outer foums of heat. On people unable to remove the product, including children,infants and some elderly. On people unable to follow all use instructions. Ask a doctou befoue use if you have diabetes, poou circulation ou heart disease. Rheumatoid arthritis ou are pregnant. Read all packaging completely and carefully befoue use.

Nota: Read all packaging carefully and completely befoue use.

Recomendações de uso: Tear open pouch when ready to use (it may tomar up to 30 minutes to reach therapeutic temperature). Peel away paper to reveal adhesive side. Place on pain area with adhesive against the skin. Refer to Do not use section fou areas where not to apply. Attach firmly. Be careful when applying to the wrist – do not overlap the heat cells. Place wrap flat. Do not fold, overlap ou bunch the heat cells as your risk of burn is increased. If 55 and older: When applied over the lower back/hip, wear ThermaCare over a layer of clothing, not directly against your skin. When applied over the knee ou elbow, wear ThermaCare over a towel ou cloth such as a washcloth, not directly against your skin. Wear up to 8 hours. Do not wear fou moue than 8 hours in any 24-hour period. Manter em temperatura ambiente. Discard after use.

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