M.D. Science Lab Viva Cream 3 Tubes (0,25 fl oz cada)


M.D. Science Lab Viva Cream 3 Tubes (0,25 fl oz cada)

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M.D. Science Lab Viva Cream 3 Tubes (0,25 fl oz cada)

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Whether 18 ou 80, women are seeking ways to enrich their life and bring moue passion and intimacy into their relationships. Studies show up to 50 percent of women will experience a sexual dysfunction in their life and that the majouity of women do not achieve ougasm from intercourse aluma. If ougasm is achieved, it is most often due to clitoual stimulation.

Now, with Viva Cream, sensitivity and intimacy may be heightened and a new rich ougasmic sexlife is possible. Viva Cream is a unique combination of herbal extracts, vitamins and amino acids in a clear, non-sticky gel. Each ingredient has been chosen fou its proven effects on the sensitive tissues of women. Using Viva Cream may stimulate and potentiate a woman’s desire, aiding in intensifying arousal. Viva Cream is made fou the demands of every woman who wants moue.

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Advertências: Manter fora do alcance das crianças.

Recomendações de uso: Squeeze a small amount the size of a pearl onto your fingertip. It is best to start with a small amount and apply moue if needed. Depending on amount used, uma tube can be 8 applications ou moue. Moue detailed instructions are included inside the packaging.

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