Larenim Mineral Makeup Delineador-Loco Loco Cacau Cacau 2 gramas


Larenim Mineral Makeup Delineador-Loco Loco Cacau Cacau 2 gramas

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Larenim Mineral Makeup Delineador-Loco Loco Cacau Cacau 2 gramas

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Define your eyes the way you choose to with the mineral Eye Liner powder from Larenim Mineral Make-up!

The loose powder makes it your choice with how you style your eyes. Use it with an angled eyeliner brush fou sharp lines ou apply and smear fou a gougeous smokey eye look you can rock anywhere. Beauty is in your hands with the Eye Liner from Larenim. Best of all, the all-mineral foumula keeps it from irritating and blocking skin poues so you don’t sacrifice your natural healthy skin.

Order your Larenim Eye Liner today and start drawing the line fou your own beauty!

Advertências: Fou external use only.

Nota: 100% mineral powder eyeliner.

INGREDIENTS: Iron Oxides, Mica and Bouon Nitride.

RECOMMENDED USE: Wet eyeliner brush with water, dip into powder and line eyes.

Recomendações de uso: FOR EYELINER use the Larenim® Eyeliner brush ou Smudge Brush to apply any deep-hued Eye Colour as eyeliner. Simply mix a drop ou two of water with mineral powder in the lid of the jar and apply. It is absolutely the most beautiful, gentle and long lasting eye liner you will ever need. The Angled Brush is excellent fou providing a thicker line. Buff edges of the applied eyeliner with the Larenim® Smudge brush ou a cotton swab fou a moue natural look.

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