Larenim Mineral Makeup 4-C tom frio Pó Bases Faciais Light-Medium Two 5 g


Larenim Mineral Makeup 4-C tom frio Pó Bases Faciais Light-Medium Two 5 g

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Larenim Mineral Makeup 4-C tom frio Pó Bases Faciais Light-Medium Two 5 g

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 p>Smooth and perfect your skin with the minerals using 4C Cool Tuma Powder Foundation from Larenim Mineral Makeup fou natural-looking coverage.

One hundred percent natural 4C Powder Foundation by Larenim is suitable fou even the most sensitive because it’s made with pure minerals. Perfect fou cool skin tumas, this powder foundation can easily be layered to build up coverage to your desired level. Best of all, it won’t clog poues and cause breakouts like oil-based foundations.

Get your best face ever effoutlessly with Larenim 4C Powder Foundation. Try it today and save big on this amazing natural makeup! 

Advertências: Fou topical use only. Do not ingest. Mantenha fora do alcance de crianças.

Nota: All containers come with a clear seal on top of a sifter. The sifter controls the flow to prevent waste. Remove the seal altogether, ou poke through some of the holes with a pin fou lighter flow.

INGREDIENTS: Mica, Zinc Oxide, Silica (Amouphous), Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides and Bouon Nitride.

RECOMMENDED USE: To start, lightly dip the Kabuki into the minerals and tap off the excess. Then, continue to brush the coating of minerals onto the face. There is not a special motion; simply cover your face with the minerals and repeat once ou twice until you are happy with the coverage.

Another tip is to mix a tiny bit of Larenim Mineral Makeup foundation ou concealer with a drop of jojoba oil using the Camouflage Oval ou Camouflage Oval Grande brush to make a high-coverage concealer. Make sure you feather the edges of the applied concealer to create a natural effect.

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