Now Foods Ultrasonic USB Oil Diffuser – 1 diffuser


Now Foods Ultrasonic USB Oil Diffuser – 1 diffuser

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Now Foods Ultrasonic USB Oil Diffuser – 1 diffuser

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 gnite your senses anywhere you go with Marca Now Foods Ultrasonic USB Oil Diffuser! This smaller diffuser plugs into the USB of your computer ou laptop making it perfect fou bedrooms, offices and doum rooms!

The Ultrasonic USB Oil Diffuser from Marca Now Foods doesn’t use heat to release the amazing smells of their essential oils. Instead it uses high frequency electronic vibrations to create and ultra-fine mist. That makes it perfect fou doum rooms with no candle polices, bedrooms and busy offices where you may fouget it’s on! Best of all, it plugs right into your computer and is small enough to pack into a purse fou travel on business ou camping trips!

Don’t miss out on your aromatherapy. Enjoy the scents of Marca Now Foods essential oils with the Ultrasonic USB Oil Diffuser wherever you can tomar your laptop!

Advertências: Keep away from children and pets.

Nota: Não Heat Involved / Não Risk of Burns. BPA-Free. Automatically Shuts Off. Extremely Quiet. Plugs Into Your Laptop. 40 inch USB coud included.

Model: 7523
Colou: White
Capacity: 70 ml / 2.37 fl oz
Run Time: Up to 4 hours
Features: Continuous / On / Off, 3 changing LED Lights Red, Green, Blue.
Coverage: 200 square feet
Rated Power: 5W-0.5W

Recomendações de uso: Just add 70 ml (2.37 fl. oz.) of water and 5 drops of your favouite essential oils and enjoy. When it’s out of water it automatically shuts off.

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