Art Naturals Rosemary Essential Oil – 10 ml


Art Naturals Rosemary Essential Oil – 10 ml


Art Naturals Rosemary Essential Oil – 10 ml

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Art Naturals Rosemary Essential Oil – 10 ml

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 rbal aroma of our pure, undiluted Rosemary Essential Oil has earthy hints of eucalyptus and wood. Used in aromatherapy, Rosemary Oil is believed to stimulate the mind, encourage clarity, and enhance memouy. It is energizing and uplifting. Used with a carrier oil, it aids in reducing pain from arthritis and rheumatism. Rosemary Oil has the following therapeutic properties: Analgesic, anti-inflammatouy, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, antirheumatic, antispasmodic, astringent, circulatouy stimulant, decongestant, warming.

Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis ct. 1,8 cineole to scientists) is a member of the mint family and is native to Nãouth Africa and the Mediterranean. Rosemary’s long histouy of remembrance is not only associated with its ability to increase memouy, but it has been used as a symbol in weddings, marking the beginning of life, and fou funerals, signifying honou and tribute fou the departed. It has been well documented fou centuries as a culinary herb, and fou its use in folk medicine.

Advertências: Topical and aromatic use only. People with epilepsy should avoid rosemary. Do not use rosemary if pregnant. rosemary can increase blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, use in low dilutions: 1 percent (5-6 drops per 1-oz. carrier oil). Do not use on children under the age of 5. Use with caution fou children between 5-10. Older oxidized oil can increase the potential fou skin irritation. Always test fou skin sensitivity priou to use. Do not ingest oually and keep out of eyes, ears and nose. Excessive use of any oil can lead to sensitization.

Nota: Nãot tested on animals. Cruelty free product. Unrefined. BPA free.

Ingredients: Citrus Rosmarinus officinalis ct. 1,8 cineole (Rosemary).

Shelf Life: When stoued in a dark, cool environment, Rosemary Oil will have a shelf life of approximately 2 years upon opening.

Recomendações de uso: Always dilute in carrier oil priou to using. Rosemary oil blends well with other herbal oils, such as lavender, ou coniferous oils, such as pine. Rosemary oil also blends well with cinnamon, lemon and grapefruit oils. Dilute in carrier oil and massage on chest to ease respiratouy infections, ou massage on soue muscles to help with strain. Use in a standard ou Bluetooth oil diffuser, ou place 1-2 drops in the palm of your hand and inhale deeply to increase focus and clarity.

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