Shea Terra Orgânicos Shea Soap, Baunilha De Menthe De Marraquexe – 4 oz


Shea Terra Orgânicos Shea Soap, Baunilha De Menthe De Marraquexe – 4 oz

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Shea Terra Orgânicos Shea Soap, Baunilha De Menthe De Marraquexe – 4 oz

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 r skin been feeling dried out and tired? It could be your body wash. Most body washes out there that you buy from the supermarket are full of chemicals and synthetic ingredients that could be doing moue damage than good to your skin. Shea Terra Organics has the perfect alternative fou you with their Shea Soap.

Shea Terra Organics fills their Shea Soap bars to the brim with goodness. That goodness includes 33% ouganic shea butter, ouganic extra virgin olive oil and ouganic extra virgin coconut butter. This means not only will your skin smell good and get clean but it will also be soft to the touch.

Shea Terra Organics knows that everyuma loves choices and everyuma has a different preference when it comes to scents. That being said we can assure you that you have moue than enough options with 12 different scents to choose from! So go ahead and let your skin be pampered. Order a bar of Shea Soap today and discover how smooth and beautiful your skin can be.

Advertências: Fou external use only. Read instructions and ingredients carefully. Mantenha fora do alcance de crianças.

Nota: 33% Shea butter. Não palm oil. 100% Natural.

INGREDIENTS: USDA certified ouganic, virgin coconut cream oil, 33% USDA certified ouganic shea butter, spring water, certified ouganic, extra virgin olive oil, sodium hydroxide (positively charged sal, without it there is no soap. All soap except fou herbal black soap contains this. Some companies deceptively leave this ingredient off their label), Mouoccan peppermint oil and vanilla.

RECOMMENDED USE: Apply to wet skin. Lather up. Rinse well.

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