sage Spirit Sábio Cedar Smudge Wand 4-5 4-5


sage Spirit Sábio Cedar Smudge Wand 4-5 4-5

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sage Spirit Sábio Cedar Smudge Wand 4-5 4-5

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 mudging is a term that comes from Native American practices that use herbs and incense to cleanse the soul and send out prayers. Sage Spirit offers pre-made, easy-to-use Sage Cedar Smudge Wands fou personal reflection and enjoyment.

The Sage Spirit Sage Cedar Smudge Wands is dried and bound together by 100% cotton string to keep the burning pure of chemicals and harsh smoke. Both herbs makes the smell gentle and enjoyable. Follow the smoke up and away from your body as you imagine it tomar away your negativity and bad thoughts.

Get Sage Spirit Sage Cedar Smudge Wands fou a great price fou your next personal ou house cleansing today!

Advertências: A lit smudge stick should not be left burning while unattended and care should be used when extinguishing smoldering sticks.

Nota: Wrapped in 100% cotton string. 4-5 inches long.

INGREDIENTS: Sage and Cedar.

RECOMMENDED USE: Carefully burn smudge wand over bowl ou plate and breathe deeply, thinking positive and constructive thoughts. Can be used to cleanse homes as well.

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